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Georgia Bridge and Concrete builds highway, railroad and pedestrian bridges; concrete box culverts; retaining walls and other types of large concrete structures. We also build major highway systems and interchanges. The type of concrete structure or project we build may vary, but the results are always the same – a job that is completed on schedule, within budget, built safe with superior quality. This is a certainty you can count on.

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    Prestressed concrete, steel girder, deck girder, post-tensioned and steel truss – our field construction crews have erected just about every type of highway, railway and pedestrian bridge.
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    We were the contractor for the first ever GDOT design-build bridge project in the Atlanta metropolitan area, the Fifth Street Pedestrian Plaza Bridge.
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    Culverts and Detention Vaults
    We have constructed hundreds of concrete box culverts, pre-cast concrete arch culverts and underground storm drainage detention vaults for both public and private clients.
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    Retaining Walls
    Highways and land developments use all types of walls to provide grade separation on the site while minimizing the amount of land usage needed for it.
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    Spillway Structures
    We have built spillway, pump station, draw down and other structures on multiple lake and reservoir dam projects in North and Central Georgia for both local governments and private developers.
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    Concrete Paving
    No one is better suited for concrete flatwork construction than us. We build roadways, interstate interchange ramps, interstate weigh stations and many other uses of this type of construction.
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    Maintenance & Repair Services
    Concrete roadways, ramps and high load parking areas require periodic repair and replacement. How traffic is going to be impacted is always a concern. We have a plan for that.

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Georgia Bridge and Concrete, LLC is a bridge and heavy civil construction company headquartered in Tucker, Georgia. We were originally founded in 1985 as a small concrete bridge, culvert and wall subcontractor. Today Georgia Bridge and Concrete manages and constructs major projects as a Prime Contractor while continuing to be a specialty subcontractor for other clients. During our 30 plus year history we have executed in excess of $1B of infrastructure projects throughout Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. Our clients are state, county and local governments as well as major highway and heavy civil contractors, private developers and project owners.

Our promise is to build exceptional value into every project by applying 30 plus years of expertise while delivering professional service and quality construction.


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    Georgia Dept of Transportation
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    Northfolk Southern
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    Gwinnett County
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    Georgia Power
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    Dekalb County
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    City of Atlanta
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    GP's Enterprises
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    Cherokee County
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    North Point Community Church
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    Hartfield JacksonAtlanta International Airport
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    CW Matthews
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    Henry County
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    North American Properties
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    Douglas County
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    Wright Brothers Construction Co.
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    Cobb County
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    Whitfield County
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    Virginia DOT
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    Hardin Construction Company
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    The Sembler Company
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    Cousins Properties
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